tempus_höst_8082This must be the place   is the newest piece from Tempus Fugit’s artistic director and CEO, Rebecka Pershagen.

It’s her first fictional piece, and is to be experienced chronologically around Sergels Torg in Stockholm. The storyline centers around six different beings, all moving around Sergels Torg. The piece has as much a voyeuristic as an exhibitionistic sense, and is more likely to be considered a cycle of poems.

tempus_höst_8577The title of the piece is derived from the famous song with the same name by Talking Heads. The song also served as inspiration and the basic layout for the piece, as all the lines in the original lyrics from the song have been deconstructed and can be found again in the audio piece in various forms.

This must be the place was especially created for the Stockholm Fringe Festival 2015, and is the second time Tempus Fugit is part of the festival (last time was with the title piece Tempus Fugit in 2014).

In April 2016, This must be the place is a part of Kulturnatt Stockholm 2016.

tempus_höst_8393Site: Sergels Torg, Central Stockholm


Narrator / writer / director: Rebecka Pershagen

Photographer: Isabelle Pedersen

OPENING: OCTOBER 21st 2015 / APRIL 20TH 2016