Tempus Fugit a part of Nordic Performing Arts Days 2016!

It’s a big honour for Tempus Fugit to be a part of the Nordic Performing Arts Days 2016: a week long art conference with theatre performances and workshops, with participants from all of the Nordic countries. The biannual conference changes it’s national venue every year, and the location 2016 is Torshavn, the Faroe Islands.


For NPAD16, Tempus Fugit’s CEO and artistic director Rebecka Pershagen had been commissioned to create an audio piece to be heard on location around the harbour of  Torshavn. Originally the audio experience was to celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th jubilee, but after doing research on the Faroe Islands, Rebecka’s plans changed.

I became captivated by the story of Kópakonan (the Seal Woman), which is one of the most famous folktales in the Faroe Islands. It tells the story of how once a year, seals emerge from the sea, shed their skin, and take human form for a night. One of the women has her skin stolen, and can therefore not return the sea at sunrise but is instead forced to stay in human form and wed a farmer from Miklaladur, who had stolen her skin. Classically told objectively, I wanted to create a reimagining of the story, told from the Seal Woman’s perspective and experience.

We are also very excited to work with a new form of recording equipment for this piece: in ear microphones. To capture the essence of the story, with both the inner monologue of the Seal Woman and the proximity to nature and the sea, the piece is recorded outside on the island of Lilla Essingen in Stockholm.

The finished piece, Kópakonan Revisited, can be heard for free in Tempus Fugit during NPAD16: May 24th – 28th.


Download the press release about Kópakonan Revisited in PDF format here!

Kópakonan Revisited

Script and narration: Rebecka Pershagen (based on a folktale from the Faroe Islands)

Chapters: 3

Duration: 25 minutes (including 17 minutes of audio)

Location: Central Torshavn, the Faroe Islands

Photo: Nordic Performing Arts Days

Cost: FREE