VekllaWe at Tempus Fugit are so proud to announce our first collaboration abroad for our 2016 season, which not only breaks new ground regarding audio content, but also takes us somewhere we’ve never been before.


Veklla is a Swedish DJ and producer duo, consisting of Eva Kåhrström and Kalle Edin. Growing up in Norrland they joined musical forces early on (as they’re cousins), and finally decided on dedicating themselves to electronic music in 2011. Veklla was born.

In 2015, they decided there was no better place for them to be but the epicentre of European electronic music: Berlin. So, out of Neukölln in southeastern Berlin, Tempus Fugit is delighted to present our first ever purely electronic music experience: First we take Berlin.

With original music by Veklla especially created for Tempus Fugit, the five track long audio piece celebrates the city’s premiere techno clubs. First we take Berlin can be experienced at five different locations in central Berlin: Oranienstraße, Schlesische Str, Markgrafendamm, Hauptstrasse Rummelsburg and Oberbaumbrücke.

As a big fan of electronic music, a previous resident of Berlin and also an aspiring DJ, this collaboration with Veklla feels amazing. I’m so proud to open our 2016 season with this vibrant piece, that will have the listener dancing down the streets of central Berlin, and also experiencing well known public places in a completely new way, says our founder and CEO Rebecka Pershagen.


First we take Berlin is available for free in Tempus Fugit from May 9th 2016!


First we take Berlin

Music, mix, master: Veklla

Chapters: 5

Location: Central Berlin (Oranienstraße, Schlesische Str, Markgrafendamm, Hauptstrasse Rummelsburg and Oberbaumbrücke)

Photos: Veklla and Stina Kåhrström

Cost: FREE


Veklla together with our CEO and founder Rebecka, on site in Neukölln, Berlin in May 2016


Listen to one of the tracks from First we take Berlin for free at our Soundcloud site by clicking here, or listen right here by clicking the link below!