Dear audience,

In my mission as an artist working with self biographical content I have always strived for transparency and honesty.

It has come to my attention that questions have risen regarding the relationships told and portrayed in my two latest plays in Tempus Fugit (”Tempus Fugit and ”Istället För” / ”Instead Of”). These questions regard doubts from the public about the level of fabrication in these stories / memories, and if they ever really happened at all.

Up until now, I have held the identity of the people in the stories a secret due to personal integrity for both them and myself.

But having been faced with very negative speculations recently, I have today made a decision to publish the names of every real person mentioned in these plays, along with a picture and their contact information, to facilitate a more open communication and to end the rumours about me making everything up.

I apologize in advance to any third person who might find offence or sorrow in this, but for my own sake as being a truthful and self biographical artist, this had to be done.

You can find full names and contact information by clicking HERE.

Yours truly / Rebecka

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