What would you tell strangers about, if they could see places through your eyes?


For our second consecutive year, we at Tempus Fugit are launching an OPEN CALL to the public.

We we want to hear your ideas, no matter who you are.

The possibilities are endless.

It can be from anywhere in the world, and therefore take place anywhere in the world.

 Our only demand is that the story / memory takes place in a public space, so that it’s easily accessible to other people.

If we get to talking, and develop your idea, you’ll be one of the featured walks in the app for the spring / summer of 2016. And that way, everyone that passes the places you talk about (and have the app in their iPhone / Android), will be able to listen to your piece.

Send an idea, a short story, an audio clip, a pitch or just you thoughts to

Or get in touch with us on Twitter: @tempus_fugit_se, or just tweet and use the hashtag #tellmeastory16

And: don’t forget to like Tempus Fugit on Facebook, to get news and updates instantly:

DEADLINE: February 1st 2016.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

With love / all of us at Tempus Fugit


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